Jamie Allen and Manuel Adams

Production year: 2017
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Anal, Oral, Young Studs, Rimming, Uncut cocks
Duration: 00:16:13
Description: When you’re in any kind of sexual with someone, it’s always good to have synchronised desires – after all, it’s no use one party being horny when all the other one wants to do is go to sleep (and vice versa).

Which is exactly the problem that Jamie Allen and Manuel Adams discover at the start of this terrific duo, when Adams finds himself alert and ready for action whilst his best buddy Allen just wants to continue to doze. In the end there’s nothing for it but for Adams to head for the shower to cool off, leaving us to enjoy the sight of his handsome young body and his fine, uncut cock; but the good news for everyone is that Allen is much more receptive to attention upon his mate’s return. That, of course, may have something to do with the terrific display of rimming that Adams undertakes on Allen’s arse-hole; promptly followed by the horny bastard thrusting his now grossly swollen shaft into the same eager orifice. No-one could ever accuse the youngster of taking his time, that’s for fucking sure; and before you know it Adams is pounding away for all he’s worth, before taking a little break to slurp on his pal’s meaty ramrod. But there’s no denying that what Adams really wants to do is fill Allen’s guts – a task that he’s soon undertaking once again with characteristic It’s a move that Allen clearly appreciates, taking every inch of uncut dick like a true pro; before both lads reach the point of no return, with Allen jerking out a fine wad of spunk all over his belly and Adams adding to the sticky splurge with a tremendous explosion all of his own!



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