Joe Gage Sex Files Vol.10 NYC Convention

Production year: 2012
Country: USA
Directed by: Joe Gage
Studio: Dragon Media
Genre: anal, oral, hairy men, masturbation, cumshot, group, big cocks, muscles, daddies
Duration: 2:12:48
Starring: Adam Russo, Jason Rock, Shay, Sven Norse, David Chase, George Spelvin, Dale Cooper aka Ben Bach, Seth Roberts

Description: “Welcome to Manhattan in Joe Gage Sex Files 10: NYC Convention. Now take off your pants … and jacket. These guys are visiting the city that never sleeps and finding out exactly why nobody is sleeping … hot man on man sex. ”
For director Joe Gage, sex is something people do while they’re breathing. In his Sex Files series, it’s even more than that: it’s a party at which you know you’d be welcome. Looks, cock size and body that holy trinity of sexual desirability have no place here. Nor does age. The only criterion to play is that you open the door and walk in.
In Sex Files Vol. # 10: NYC Convention, that door would be number 742 at the Barrington Arms Hotel on 5th Ave. As manager Adam Russo explains to the concierge, Jason Rock, who demands to know why this room is kept vacant when every other room is sold, sometimes the guys who are in town for this unspecified convention have a need for a private “hospitality suite” where they can unwind. It takes a moment for the manager’s meaning to sink in, but when the light bulb goes on in the concierge’s head, the manager ask him if he wants to give it a try.
A lengthy mutual jack-off session follows, in which they ever-so-slowly close the distance between them, the manager prompting the concierge to do things like finger his hole and play with his foreskin. They eventually swap blow jobs and eat each other’s loads.
The room’s first taker, Shay, is as a co-pilot. He’s got the whole bed to himself and he’s masturbating fully clothed, keeping one eye on a porn video on his iPhone. Account executive Dale Cooper enters, asking “is this the right place?” Odd question. The exec whips out his cock and matches strokes with the pilot. Each lends the other a hand briefly and they work their way up to unhurried sucking in which they savor all the sensations that come with anonymous sex and the possibility of getting walked-in on. The exec reaches into his pocket and pulls out a condom, handing it to the pilot, who unrolls it onto himself and fucks the exec. Their shirts and ties never come off but the exec’s shirt ends up drenched with spooge.
The next couple to use the room are a minister and a sales rep, David Chase and Sven Norse, respectively. Norse is a daddy role model if ever there were one. They echo the mutual j / o routine so far established, leaving on not only their shirts and ties but also their jackets. These fellows are a bit more reticent than the others. Their encounter progresses to lying side by side on the bed with their legs interlocked, each jerking his own cock as well as the other guy’s, but that’s as far as it goes.
The minister departs but the daddy sales rep hangs out, where he’s joined by the concierge, whose curiosity and appetite were clearly whetted by his experiment with the manager. They get fully naked and the sales rep fucks the concierge. The account exec pays a return visit, catching them in flagrante delicto. No one bats an eye as the exec unzips, fishes his cock out of the fly of his trousers and jacks off while watching them from two feet away. The concierge, still getting fucked, stretches his next in the direction of the new cock in the room and gets rewarded by a mouthful if it.
The exec steps aside and we hear the door open. Handyman George Spelvin enters and he too pulls out his cock and jacks it while watching the concierge get fucked. When the exec returns, he’s naked and ready for the next level of action. He starts by sucking the handyman, while the bed creaks likes it’s bound to bust. The handyman, whose face we never see, remains aloof when the exec lies on the bed with an expectant “fuck me” expression on his face. It’s up to the sales rep to fulfill that expectation, pulling out of the concierge and plugging in to the account exec.
Late that night, the manager returns to the room, where divinity student Seth Roberts awaits. The manager is accompanied by the minister, whom he introduces to the divinity student. (I immediately wonder if Gage will ever do a priest and altar boy scene.) The student seems shy at first, but eventually they all suck each other. The student orders the other two to get on the bed and than manager asks if the student intends to fuck him while the minister watches. Yes. The minister not only watched, he face-fucks the manager at the same time until it’s his turn to get fucked by the divinity student.
Gage eschews any references to incest, one of his favorite tropes, in Sex Files Vol. # 10: NYC Convention, sticking to anonymous sex encounters and being brave enough to depict them as they often are: sans fucking. While other producers trot out “reality sex” productions that are not far removed from the usual glossy porn, Gage brings us about as close as possible to “real” reality sex.

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