Year: 2011
Country: USA
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Genre: Kissing, Oral Sex, Cumshots, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Tattoo, ACM1086
Duration: 00:23:54
Description: Jordan had some fun with Ashley .. and her toy. He also showed that he likes to talk a lot while he’s fucking. Now it’s time to get Jordan into some guy / guy action.

And who better to break in this very verbal stud than someone who never has a problem asking for what he wants – Trey! Once the shirts are off, Trey kisses and grinds against Jordan’s tight, muscular body. He chews and licks Jordan’s nipples. They kiss. Jordan’s hands are already reaching around for Trey’s hot ass! Trey pulls Jordan’s pants off and goes down on him. Jordan pushes Trey’s head down on his cock. “So fucking good,” Jordan says. “Yeah, suck it, suck that dick,” Jordan keeps saying. Trey bobs up and down, only stopping to take a breath. Jordan stands up to feed Trey his cock. Trey smacks Jordan’s ass while he sucks Jordan ‘s cock. Jordan face-fucks Trey, shoving his dick deep into Trey’s throat. Trey lies down and Jordan sucks his cock. Now it’s Trey’s turn to moan and tell Jordan to “suck that dick.” Trey thrusts his hips so that his cock goes even farther into Jordan’s mouth. Trey gets on all fours and Jordan slides his dick into Trey’s ass doggy-style. “Fuckin ‘love this little tight ass,” Jordan says. Trey tells Jordan he’s a dirty guy, but Jordan responds, “You’re fucking dirty!” Jordan watches himself fuck Trey in the mirror. He pushes Trey down on the bed and pumps his ass with his cock. Trey’s lying halfway off the mattress from getting fucked so intensely. Trey kisses Jordan’s hand as he reaches around Trey’s neck. The guys kiss again and Trey reiterates how dirty he thinks Jordan is. Jordan backs up a bit and they watch themselves some more in the mirror. Trey likes watching himself get railed. “Yeah, fuck it!” Trey begs Jordan. Jordan flips Trey onto his back. Trey strokes his dick as Jordan fucks him in the missionary position. “Make me come, baby,” Trey says. “Yeah, jerk that big dick,” Jordan tells him. Jordan fucks a huge load out of Trey! Cum sprays all the way up Trey’s chest. Jordan keeps pounding away. “I want you to come all over me,” Trey says. Jordan blasts an incredible load that goes all the way up to Trey’s neck. The guys kiss and head for the shower. I wonder what their next conversation will be like …

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