Kent Dicks Dawson

Genre: Anal, Oral, Muscle, Bareback
One of the things we’re proud of at CF is that we encourage our guys to explore things and expand their horizons, but we don’t push them. Today’s conversation with Kent, before he had his first guy/guy action ever, is a perfect example.

Kent is a hot athlete who definitely had concerns about what he was capable of doing with another guy. Kent said that in the lockers rooms, he looked at other guys. It was obvious he would the chance to explore another hot guy’s body. But, as often happens, nerves can get the best of anybody, especially with a camera trained on them. Once Dawson came in and talked with him about his own experiences, Kent visibly And once Dawson kissed him, Kent wasn’t anymore — he was excited! He rubbed Dawson’s incredible chest and shoulders, enjoying the feel of those hard muscles. Kent’s dick is already hard when Dawson starts sucking his toes. Kent looks a little surprised at that, but immediately into it. He massages Dawson’s ass, and then his toes – and then he sucks on Dawson’s toes! The guys kissed again, even more passionately, with Kent trying to feel every inch of Dawson’s body without breaking the kiss. Dawson sucks on Kent’s cock. Kent leans back, loving Dawson’s hot mouth on his cock. After a few minutes of that, Kent jerks Dawson’s dick before he puts it in his mouth. It’s always an exciting moment, anticipating the moment a guy takes his first cock in his mouth. Kent licked the head, then eagerly sucked Dawson’s hot cock. Judging by Dawson’s reactions, clearly Kent was doing a great job for a first timer! The guys move to a 69 position. Dawson feeds Kent his cock and deepthroats Kent. Dawson gets on top of Kent’s hard cock so he can ride it. He slowly slides down, taking every inch of Kent’s dick. Dawson moans in ecstasy as Kent starts drilling into him. Kent grabs Dawson’s cock to jerk him as he fucks the ripped bodybuilder. Kent flips Dawson onto his back. He shoves his dick inside, going deeper than before. Dawson strokes his cock as Kent fucks him. After pushing Dawson’s legs over his head and kissing him, Kent jackhammers him even harder. The guys stand up and Kent fucks Dawson as he hangs onto the bedside table. Kent fucks a huge load out of Dawson! Dawson sprays all over the floor. Kent then cums in Dawson’s mouth. Dawson sucks Kent’s dick dry, getting every drop. The two guys kiss. Kent says Dawson was amazing, and says he’d love to switch roles next time. They get into the shower and discuss Kent’s first time. Kent says he loved it, and he hadn’t really known what to expect. It was definitely a scene I’ll remember for a long time – and I bet Kent will too!

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