Kent Pops Tristan’s Cherry

Year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Oral Sex, Anal Sex
Length: 00:23:57
Description: Tristan is nervous about his first time bottoming. Good thing Kent’s not nervous about his first time popping a guy’s cherry!
Kent’s turned out to be one of those super hot guys that’s also a super-nice guy.

His humor and personality make people feel at ease. Kent tells Tristan he’ll take good care of him – especially since he only recently had his own cherry popped! The guys kiss and instinct takes over. Kent kisses Tristan slowly, taking his time and enjoying Tristans lips, neck, and ripped torso. He feels Tristan’s cock through his boardshorts, and kisses Tristan’s amazing abs. By the time he gets to Tristan’s stiff dick, Tristan’s nerves have all but the left the building! Alternating between sucking and stroking Tristan’s cock, Kent gets Tristan rarin ‘to go! Tristan takes Kent’s dick in his mouth, flicking his tongue on the head and then sucking it. “You’re good,” Kent tells Tristan. Tristan works on Kent’s dick, then kisses him before going back down on him. Tristan strokes his dick as he blows Kent. As much as he’s enjoying the blowjob, Kent can’t keep his eye off his prize. He reaches over and starts fingering Tristan’s virgin hole! “You’re so tight!” Kent says. Tristan wonders if Kent’s going to enjoy himself. I think we know the answer to that! Kent eats Tristan’s ass out, burying his face deep between those cheeks. Kent teases Tristan’s hole, then slides his dick inside. It takes Tristan a minute to get used to having a dick in his ass – especially a nice, thick juicy one like Kent’s! But once Kent gets all the way in, he definitely hits all of Tristan’s buttons! Tristan’s back arches and his stiff dick stands straight out as Kent fucks him doggy-style. Tristan even reaches back to pull Kent deeper in! Kent flips Tristan onto his back and holds up his legs. He rubs Tristan’s lean chest and pounds Tristan faster. Tristan blasts an incredible load that flies up up over his shoulder and covers his ripped abs! Kent pulls out and adds his thick spray to the cum covering Tristan’s chest. Kent asks him how it was. Tristan says “It was the best I’ve had in a long time.” He asks Kent how that cherry felt. Kent says, “Unbelievable!” Looked good from here, too!

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