Kevin Texas and Reese Arden RAW

Production year: 2020
Country: USA
Studio: ChaosMen
Genre: Oral Sex, Big Cocks, Anal Sex, Hairy, Bareback, Rimming, Cumshots, Tattoos
Duration: 00:36:43
Description: These guys are fantastic together, but I do want to talk a little bit of some behind the scenes good-natured chatter.

I think I have paired Kevin Texas with about 7 or8 guys now, and he has been teasing me that they are all super tall dudes. At 5’7″ he isn’t exactly super short, but I seem to have paired him with a lot of guys over 6 feet tall. It is not really an issue, but he was beginning to feel like the shortest guy on Team Chaos. Well thank goodness for pint-sized Reese Arden, who on a good hair day can get away with 5’6″ but it is more like 5’5″. Kevin finally felt tall while on set! The height match is apparent in this video. While Kevin isn?t tossing Reese around like a doll, he definitely has the height advantage and takes control of the situation. It is especially noticeable when Kevin fucks Reese’s face while Reese sits on the floor and his head is against the bed. We also get to see Reese’s naturally furry ass, minus the hair removal. Reese loves to be initially fucked by laying on his stomach, and Kevin drills him really good. After that, Kevin basically has his way with Reese. We also got Reese to cum again while being fucked, though he still needs to flex his legs straight. Kevin still manages to stay inside him and fuck the cum out of him. Kevin then unloads with laser-like precision (and at quite a distance!) nailing Reese’s hole with a couple shots of cum, then dumping the rest inside of him!

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