Kissing’ Cousins The Carlin Collection

Year: 2006
Country: USA
Studio: Miami Studios
Genre: Military, Teens, Solo, Duet, Anal, Oral
Length: 1:56:00
Cast: Brian Carlin, Eric, and Brad Carlin, Joey, Toby, and Rene

It only happens once in a lifetime. We got a call from the airport From, after more then 2 years. He was in San Diego on a layover, heading home to outprocess from the Marine Corp, could he pick up some quick cash. What do you think… ?
We raced him to the nearest hotel we could find, got him in , and then out, of his camo’s , and had him jerk his way thru the Carlin saga.
Boy after boy over 5 years of Carlin cock, as he worked his own shaft, to a shuddering climax. Blond ,buff, and buzz cut , watch this Dream marine his hottest adventures, with Cousin Eric and other hotties, all in one incredible episode !!

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