Loaded Dawson’s Cream Pie

Year: 2007
Directed by: Max Sohl
Studio: Treasure Island Media
Genre: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Group Sex, Sperm, Bareback, CumShots, Black, Big Cocks, Muscle, Daddy Men, Dildo
Length: 191 min
Starring: DAWSON, Mark Sergeant, Tom McCarthy, Marcelo Masko, Cuba, Tom Sawyer, Kory Hudson, Jack Justice, Troy Plowman, and many many more

Description: Max Sohl and I compete with each other. Each of us is determined to produce a video that will top everything the other has done. And while Max let me know that he found the level of depravity and cumplay in Built To Fuck pretty damned incredible, when he sent me his latest outing with Dawson I had to throw in the towel.There has never – never! – Been anything like LOADED before.Max tells me that DAWSON demanded that he get not one, but * three * “cream pie” gangfucks. DAWSON wanted to get his ass fed a gallon of fresh cream. And while it was a ball-buster for Max to get it all together, here it is.More men than you can imagine gangbang DAWSON, literally filling his perfect cock-hungry ass with the one thing he wants: sperm, sperm and more sperm , until he’s so full he can’t hold it in. And then Max gets the “churning” going.The rule here was “Don’t pull out! Give DAWSON-the whore what he wants! Give him a gut-full of hot and slimy man-jizz!” Man after man after cock after cock shove in balls-deep and squirt loads inside DAWSON until the bottom’s slut-pucker is oozing cum and the room smells like the main vault at the First National SpermBank.You ‘ll recognize a bunch of the top- studs from TIM vids. A few are “no-facers” who made the jump from mainstream porn to Treasure Island, just for the chance to add to the spooge-dump for DAWSON’s cream pie experience. And then there are just the many, many studs who wanted a chance to pork the hottest man willing to put his ass up for the taking. They wanted to add their 10 cc’s worth to the DAWSON legend. I’m talking dozens and dozens of men from three major cities, lined up to give DAWSON the jizz experience of his lifetime.Max definitely gave DAWSON what he wanted. And the world will never be quite the same!

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