Made in Canada Trio

Andolini and Canaillou were sitting on the terrace of a cafe in Lyon, enjoying the spring sunshine and the liveliness of the Place des Jacobins. It was then that Justin, a handsome Canadian who had just arrived in Lyon for a few days, approached their table to order a coffee. Andolini immediately noticed Justin’s charm but also the top of his butterfly tattoo between his pecs. Andolini did not hesitate to invite him to join them. Justin surprised by this welcome to accept with a smile, then the 3 men began to discuss everything and nothing. As the conversation went on, Andolini managed to charm Justin with his prominent package but also with a touch of humor.

Canaillou, more shy by nature, watched the scene with a touch of excitement. He found Justin particularly attractive and sexy. After finishing their coffee, Andolini proposed to make Justin discover the charms of the city of Lyon. The three men thus strolled in the streets of the old city, Andolini took advantage of it to leave no doubt on the size of the piece that Justin could have if it took him the envy. Canaillou knows Andolini by heart and it is always playful to see Andolini’s maneuver to obtain the favors of his targets. Once the stroll arrived at the foot of the building of Andolini, this one proposed to his comrades to go up to drink a last glass. Once sheltered from the indiscreet glances, Andolini to leave the free field to his padawan, by slipping away some minutes. Canaillou, being now also formidable, proposed to play a game of seduction to Justin, an idea that immediately aroused the interest of the Canadian. The rules were simple: each player had to make a proposition to one of the others, and if the proposition was accepted, the player had to complete the proposed challenge. Canaillou started the game by proposing to Justin to kiss him. The DUO generated by this kiss worked Andolini so much that he followed it up in a hot TRIO with a role reversal and a flood of the Canadian. The three men found themselves naked in Andolini’s bed, abandoning themselves to the pleasures of the flesh. The Lyon men allowed Justin to explore territories unknown to him. After that, Justin left Lyon to continue his journey in Europe, keeping with him an unforgettable memory of Andolini and Canaillou.

Production year: 2023
Country: France
Studio: AndoliniXXL
Genre: Amateur, Anal Sex, Blowjob, Kissing, Hairy, Muscle, Threeway, Big Cocks, Rimming, Cumshots, Tattoos
Duration: 00:34:06

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