Marc Pounds Duncan

Year: 2012
Country: USA
Studio: CorbinFisher
Genre: Cumshots, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Muscules, Tattoos, ACM1137
Time: 00:22:10
Description: Duncan was surprised how much he enjoyed getting fucked by Cain. In fact, he couldn’t wait to do it again! And what better partner than the sensuous and sexy Marc! Marc kisses Duncan and helps him off with his shirt.

He nibbles and kisses Duncan’s lean chest while Duncan rubs Marc’s cock through his jeans. Marc lays Duncan on down and continues to kiss Duncan’s luscious nipples. Duncan grabs Marc’s ass. Marc stands up and tells Duncan to suck his dick. Duncan goes down on Marc eagerly. “Your mouth feels so good on my dick,” Marc moans. Duncan licks Marc’s nuts, stroking his dick all the while. Marc lubes up his cock and slides it into Duncan’s tight ass. They kiss as Marc thrusts his cock deep inside Duncan. Duncan begs Marc to fuck him harder. Marc pounds Duncan’s ass. Duncan lifts his ass up higher and gets on all fours. Marc shoves his dick back inside and fucks Duncan doggy-style. Duncan tells Marc again to fuck him harder! He takes every inch of Marc’s cock. Marc ramps things up, slamming into Duncan even faster. Duncan’s cock bounces as he gets fucked. He rolls over onto his back. Marc fucks him, holding Duncan’s legs apart as he pounds him. Duncan strokes his cock faster. Marc slows things down, then speeds up again, his body slapping against Duncan’s as he fucks his ass. Duncan shoots his load onto his stomach. Marc keeps fucking him, pulling out to blast his load on top of Duncan’s. Cum sprays all the way up to Duncan’s chest and shoulder! Marc says he almost got Duncan in the face. Duncan laughs and says, “Maybe next time.” Sounds like a plan!

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