Matt Anders and Sam Wallis

Production year: 2017
Country: UK
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Tattoos, Cumshots, Muscles, Facial, Piercing
Duration: 00:22:09
Description: Yum, beards, brunettes and strawberry blondes, thats a heady mix. We’ve been trying to get our sweaty hands on this stud – Matt Anders – for a while and when we gave him the pick of the stable he wanted a hot bod, handsome face coupled with a talented throat and tight, dick milking cock, hey presto – Sam Wallis he delivers the meat and the cream.

Our studly spunks can not wait to get onto each others stiff cocks, and YES we know Matt is cut, but for a hunk like that we’d bend our rules as long as he can nibble and lick on Sam’s uncircumcised dick, and Matt does like an uncut cock, you know how it is, ” you always want want you have not got. ” Sam’s got his feet up to show off the hole he wants filling and Matt is in like Flynn, licking, fingering, ploughing and pillaging that succulent, wet ring. And when these boys can hold back no longer, just watch that spunk fly and just look and admire at how high and wide Sam spreads those long, lean muscular legs, right up onto the kitchen counter!

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