Matthew Keading and Sean Evans in “Meating Keading”

Date: 2011
Country: USA
Studio: CircleJerkBoys
Genre: Cum Shots, Anal / Oral Sex, Teens, Big Cock
Length: 00:21:13
Description: Two new faces grace your monitors this week and we can’t wait to introduce you. Sean Evans is 21 and though originally from New York he currently lives in Savannah, Georgia. Apparently he already picked up a Southern twang to his voice.

Matthew Keading is just 18 and he’s from the west coast from Northern California. We asked these two what they considered a perfect Saturday night. Sean likes hangin with his friends, having fun and staying out of trouble. Matthew’s of a perfect Saturday night would include playing video games with one of his best friends. As for education, we wondered if they could get free what would they want to sign up for. Matthew would sign up for either Astronomy or Physics while Sean would pursue Mathematics or Law. We then wondered if they preferred to jack off wet or dry. Matthew likes it dry while Sean prefers it wet. We then decided to ask them one last question before the swimsuit competition and that was what they felt they were best at in the bedroom. Survey says they both feel they are great in the oral department. Well, let’s put their best assets to work ….

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