Nico Zetta Stretches Sexystache Open

Nico Zetta’s enormous uncut dick barely fits into all of the underwear and swim briefs he wears when he is on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta. Nico is so hung that it’s a secret to no one who gets a look at him and his package; it’s always a mouth-watering bulge on display between his legs. And one guy in particular who wants to get very hands-on with Nico is Sexystache.

Sexystache was hanging out on the beach when he and Nico Zetta started flirting. Sexystache told Nico he was really horny and having a dry spells in the bedroom, and he wanted Nico to help him out with the dilemma by breaking the cycle and giving him a good bang. That interaction led them both to the Raw Alpha Males fuck room, where Nico Zetta fucks Sexystache deep and hard!

Production year: 2023
Country: USA
Studio: RawAlphaMales
Genre: Bareback, Oral/Anal Sex, Rimming, Muscle, Hairy, Masturbation, Big Cocks, Cumshots, Tattoos
Duration: 00:21:05

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