Os Barbaros

Year: 2011
Country: Brasil
Directed by: Cristian Ferrero
Studio: Icaro Studios Brazil
Genre: Latin, Oral & Anal, Action, Brazilian, Safe Sex
Duration: 1:39:20
Starring: Miguel Arcanjo, Matheus Axell, Denis, Anthony Guimenez, Victor Manzini, Mike, Andre Santos, Marcelo Santos, Alexandre Senna.

Description: Brazilian Fucking Rudeboys (The Barbarians) are generally characterized by strong men, warriors and rude. But in “the barbarians” can one facet of these men. After fierce battle, victorious and vanquished have much to discuss. See this production, all victorious, defeated, fleeing heroes and can understand very well and make a delicious hot and rough sex. very big cocks and delicious Brazilian rude boys.

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