Oscar, AJ and Lumberjack

Production year: 2017
Country: Germany
Studio: CazzoClub
Genre: Bareback, Cumshot, DeepThroat, Fetish, Threeway, Rimming, Anal, Oral, Tattoos
Duration: 00:24:40
Description: Bald headed AJ Alexander and freshling Oscar Wood are looking for toys at Bruno’S. Immediately their eye falls on Lumberjack who is only clad in a jockstrap and leather mask.

He is willing to wait for his next master. The two lads start stroking him over the nipples, punching him on the ass and awakening the lust in their victim. While AJ licks his twitchy pussy for the first time, Oscar shoves his plump cock deep into his mouth. Thankfully, the slave swallows the giant cock and opens his ass for the demanding tongue. But AJ has had even more before. In order to be undisturbed, the three seek another room and continue. AJ presses his cock against Lumberjack’s wet hole and shoves his cock inch by inch into the ass channel. After a few hard bumps, the spanking is changed and Oscar fucks his juicy beast into the hole. No ass is left unfucked here! The biggest pig is AJ, who is double fucked by buddy Oscar and Lumberjack. Both gorgeous cocks bump into the cunt and sweep them for the fuck action. Lumberjack now has two in the ass. While the two buddies make him their pig, he screams in lust. There are no tops or bottoms here. Every ass and every pounding is taken care of here, cracked and deep throated. And when the juice is finally squirting out of their butts, no ass is dry.



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