Paddy O’Brian and Brandon Jones

Production year: 2012
Country: United Kingdom
Studio: HardBritLads
Genre: Anal Sex, Blowjob, Cumshots, Deep Throat, Facial, Fingering, Hardcore, Masturbation, Muscles
Duration: 00:24:19
Description: A real scorcher, as sensational muscled str8 lad Paddy O’Brian gets more than a full servicing from hot athletic Brandon Jones. Muscle worship and domination, as Paddy pushes Brandon to his limits, fucking his mouth and throat with his very thick dick, fingers his arse, then fucks him hard in three positions, climaxing with an awesome cum facial.

The lads start off standing in their sports kit, Paddy gives us sexy little looks as Brandon rubs the meaty bulge in Paddys black shiny adidas shorts he takes off his vest, letting Brandon get a feel of his incredible muscular body, rock hard pecs, strong bulging abs and big biceps, not to mention his beefy hairy legs. Brandon sucks and licks Paddy nipples as he massages his bulge, then Paddy pushes him down on to his knees he pulls down the shorts, leaving Paddy in just his tight white sports briefs, his bulge getting bigger and thicker before your eyes as Brandon rubs and squeezes it. Finally he pulls down Paddys undies, and his thick meaty dick springs out, almost rock solid, but not quite. Taking hold of Paddys fat cock, Brandon opens wide and starts to suck slow and deep, and it gets rock hard instantly, thick and throbbing. Brandon takes his time, and is a great sucker, going deep, getting it really wet, jerking him off, working spit into it. Some really horny angles too, point of view shots, and low angles looking up at Paddys hot body as he gets expertly sucked. Paddy starts to get forceful now, and grips Brandons head so he can fuck his mouth harder, pushing his dick right to the back of his throat. Brandon takes it really well, and Paddy pushes him as hard as he can take it. Awesomely hot sucking here. They get down on the floor and Paddy leans back against the sofa, holding his cock up, and Brandon lays on his side next to him to give that meaty dick another servicing. As before, Paddy lets him enjoy it in his own way first, but then gets forceful and fucks his mouth and throat, pushing his head down firmly on it getting it really deep. it gets good and sloppy with loads of spit and drool, and that fat dick just throbs and throbs. Paddy gets Brandon on all fours with his smooth arse in the air, and expertly drops a couple of blobs of spit onto his hole, then starts rubbing it in. He pulls Brandons arse cheeks apart, giving us very hot close ups, then pushes his finger in, slowly, all the way, making Brandon moan. He slides his finger back and forth, adding more spit, getting his hole nice and wet, then pushes in two fingers, working them in and out, stretching it open. Aching to fuck now, Brandon leans against the sofa, legs apart, pushing his hot arse out, as Paddy teases his hole with his fat throbbing mushroom head. then he pushes his thick meat all the way in and starts to fuck slow. He pulls Brandons arse cheeks apart to give us a graphic view of his dick as it slides in and out of the tight hairless hole. Paddy starts to fuck harder now, gripping Brandon, great shots from underneath, then he ramps it up even more and gives Brandon a serious pounding. Next, Brandon is on the floor on all fours, and Paddy pushes his meat back into him, making him moan with pleasure, and he quickly gets into a good rhythm. Brandon clearly likes being fucked hard and Paddy is one strong powerful fucker, and he fucks him damn hard, his muscles taut, pumped, and shiny with sweat. He bangs him hard till he cant take it anymore. Not quite done yet, Paddy fucks him a third time, on his back now and he slides his girthy meat back in, Brandons dick gets rock hard and he starts to play it as his arse gets plowed hard one more time. Paddy is literally drenched in sweat now, his muscles bulging harder than ever, and looking hotter than hell as he grips Brandons ankles and slams his cock into him. Brandon cant hold off any longer and he starts to jerk off hard, and pretty soon he is spunking a really good strong load all over his tight sweaty six pack. Paddy pulls out, whipping the condom off, and moves around to stand over Brandon, beating his meat over Brandons face eager for a good faceful, Brandon stays close, mouth open, hungry for Paddys load and boy does he give it to him, as jet after jet of thick hot spunk squirts out all across his face and lips and into his mouth. Paddy squeezes out the last few drops, his cock still throbbing, then turns to camera, giving us a final, sweat drenched, horny smile.

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