Pavol, Ivan and Dmitry

Year: 2011
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Studs, Muscules, Trio, Oral, Anal, Masturbation, Cumshots
Length: 00:21:12
Description: Pavol Zbynek, Dmitry Vorobev and Ivan Cakovsky are three of the best models you could ever hope to see, and here they get together to give us a wonderful scene. It starts in the park, where Pavol and Dmitry have gone for some football practice. While the are there they meet Ivan, who is practising on his roller blades.

Very soon they decide to go somewhere more discreet, and we next see them inside, where Dmitry seems to be sporting a huge erection in his shorts. It’s not long before the other guys start to investigate that, and we get to view Dmitry’s stiffy. Ivan and Pavol are no slouches with erections and soon they are hard too, as Dmitry drops to his knees and sucks them, in turns, and after a while, both at the same time. Then Dmitry lays down and Ivan climbs on top and starts kissing him, while Pavol seeks his entertainment at the other end, where two delectable asses are on display. Pavol pays them a lot of attention as he rims and fingers both holes, with some Then it is time for more and we see a wonderful three way fuck, as Ivan plays piggy in the middle, He deep dicks Dmitry whilst Pavol does the same to him. It looks great as Ivan fucks Dmitry and in so doing works his ass on Pavol’s dick. Pavol then fucks Dmitry, while Ivan feeds his rock hard cock into Dmitry’s mouth. Soon there is a switch with Ivan fucking and Pavol being sucked. A final great change has Ivan straddling Dmitry, so both asses are available for more action from Pavol, who is happy to oblige. Then, fully satisified Ivan and Pavol squirt over Dmitry’s face, before he shoots his own load. Goodness this is a wonderful scene, I have watched it repeatedly since we finished it.

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