Petty Officer Chris fucks Lieutenant Quinton

Production year: 2016
Country: USA
Genre: Anal Sex, Bareback, Oral, Interracial, Black, Muscles, Tattoo, Athletic, Big Dicks, Cumshots
Duration: 00:17:38
Description: One of the big taboos in the military (apart from gay sex in general) is fraternizing between officers and enlisted personnel. But usually, what the officers want most of all is to let go of their control and be totally dominated by those they command. Which coincides with the desire of enlisted personnel to fuck their masters hard and good.

So, when Petty Officer Chris got together with Lieutenant Quinton for a “workout”, it was already in their eyes. They both clearly wanted it. They played around with the weights for a bit, but soon, it was time to let go of their designated roles and give in to what they both wanted. They sat down and both made the move, hand to crotch. Chris slid his hand under Quinton’s sweats and in moments, had his buddies pants down to his ankles while he took in a mouthful of cock. Then Chris laid back while Quinton undressed him and started servicing his cock. Chris put his hand on the back of Quinton’s head and guided his buddy’s mouth down the shaft of his cock. In moments, Chris was rock hard. With a hand full of spit, Quinton lubed his hole, and straddled Chris. He slid down his cock until the whole shaft disappeared into his warm hole. He leaned back so he could feel his prostate getting banged with each bounce on Chris’s raw cock. Then, Chris decided it was time to take over. He stood up and got Quinton on all fours, slid his cock in and started grinding deep into his buddy’s hungry ass. He let him feel every vein as he worked his cock in and out. Quinton’s moans got louder as Chris’ thrusts got harder. Soon he was begging to get banged deep and hard. Chris pressed his buddy’s shoulders down into the sofa and started driving it in. Then he put his hands on his waist and began the pile driving. He flipped Quinton over and pulled his legs up, spread eagle as he pumped his buddy’s ass. Both studs started getting closer, but they held it back. Then, Quinton’s toes curled and his eyes rolled back as he blasted round after round of hot creamy white cum all over his chest. Then Chris jumped up and straddled his buddy’s face to blast his load all over his open mouth and lips.

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