Philip and Delila Fuck Kenny

Date: 2011
Country: United States
Genre: Anal / Oral / Vaginal Sex, Bareback, Sex Toys, Blow Job, Cumshots, Rimming, Bi Sex
Length: 00:19:41
Description: Put two young studs and a hot redhead together and the sparks are going to fly. Add in a dildo and there’s sure to be an explosive finish! Philip and Kenny make out with Delila. She giggles as the guys strip off their shirts and kiss. That always turns her on. Her shirt is the next to go.

Kenny kisses her lips and her tits, and then makes his way down to her crotch. Philip kisses Kenny’s back and sides while he’s on top of Delila. She’s getting even hotter watching them kiss. She goes down on Philip’s big cock as the guys make out. Delila swallows Philip’s dick as Kenny kisses Philip’s chest. Kenny moves down to help Delila out with Philip’s dick and balls. “Want some of this?” Kenny smiles as he offers Philip’s cock to Delila. “Sharing is caring,” she laughs. Kenny goes down on Philip. Now Philip wants his turn. Philip and Delila suck Kenny’s cock. Delila sucks the head as Philip licks the shaft. Then Philip takes Kenny’s whole cock in his mouth.

Delila strokes Philip as he blows Kenny. She swallows Kenny’s cock while Philip sucks on Kenny’s nuts. She lays down on the bed so Kenny can fuck her.Kenny stuffs his cock into Delila’s pussy, while Philip feeds her his cock. The guys kiss as they team-up on Delila. Her tits bounce as she gets pounded. Philip shoves his cock down Kenny’s throat. “I say it’s my turn,” Philip says. Delila eats out Kenny’s ass, as Philip slams his cock into her. Playing with Kenny’s ass gives Delila an She pulls out a dildo – she’s ready to use it! Delila makes Kenny get back on his stomach. Philip hands her some lube. Philip feeds Kenny his cock as Delila slides the dildo into Kenny’s ass. As she drills Kenny’s ass, she tells Philip to come over to her, so she can suck his cock. Kenny’s ready for some real cock, though … and Philip’s ready to give it to him! He takes his turn pumping Kenny’s ass. He fucks Kenny as Delila watches and talks dirty to them. She strokes Kenny’s cock as Philip fucks him harder. Philip gets Kenny on his side and fucks him from behind. The guys kiss. Philip slides his cock deep into Kenny’s hole. He fucks a thick load out of Kenny that ends up all over the bed. Philip pulls out and sprays his cum all over Kenny AND the bed!

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