Philip and Travis Bi Tag Team

Genre: Anal/Oral Sex, Bareback, BiSex
Travis starts things off by having Philip and Valerie kiss. The guys get their shirts off. Travis kisses Philip’s neck and shoulders. Philip gets Valerie all but naked, as Travis kisses her huge tits. Philip goes down on Valerie. He eats out her hot pussy as Travis kisses her.

Before you know it, she’s flat on the bed, sucking Travis’ cock as Philip plows her from behind. The guys kiss. Philip pounds her even harder. Valerie sucks Travis’ long dick. Travis goes down on Valerie as she sucks Philip’s cock. Travis shoves his dick inside her. Her tits bounce as he fucks her faster. She holds Philip’s shaft with her hand so she can guide his cock down her throat. Travis pulls Philip closer so he can suck on Philip’s cock while still fucking Valerie. That turns Travis on and he says he needs that big dick in him. Philip is happy to oblige! Philip shoves his dick inside Travis. He holds Travis’ legs up while he pounds Travis’ tight ass. Valerie plays with herself as the two studs fuck.
“Fuck me, oh yeah, fuck me” Travis says. He plays with his cock as Philip pounds him faster. Travis blows a huge load up along his abs and between his pecs. Valerie’s smile is ear-to-ear, as she watches him come. Philip quickly pulls out and shoots his thick load all over Travis’ balls. The guys kiss each other and then Valerie, and head off to get a shower. But Valerie still needs some attention, so it’s Connor to the rescue! He strips down and has Valerie suck his big cock. After she gets it good and wet, he shoves his dick inside her. Connor pounds her hard, slamming balls-deep into her. He fucks her harder and harder. The moment he comes, the lights blow out! Somehow, Connor actually made a fuse blow while fucking Valerie. I’d say that was a pretty electrifying conclusion to a hot week! Stay tuned for some extra bonus footage of Philip and Travis’ photo shoot with Valerie – it’s got almost as much hot action as the video!

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