Year: 2005
Director: Rick Strauss
Studio: Prime Pork Productions
Genre: Gay Porn, Fisting, Punch Fisting, Double Fisting, Fetish/Kink, Huge Dildos, Extreme Penetration, Pigs, Pissing
Duration: 01:50:05
Cast: Alberto, Reddog, Tattoocharlie, Latinoff, Bob

Alberto, a little a unusually young lawyer fm. Madrid is on enterprising in Rotterdam and tries come across his way in the Port. Dressed in suit and instinctively tie , he bumps against a little a jeans guy and after a little a in short time after he enters a little a rookie a little world . His delightful suit is weak-willed well to pieces and five studs enter upon a little a non-stop fest on correct lust: raunchy and sleazy, moaning and screaming, and fierce fisting. Wide lead off holes, fisting elbow influential, doublewide, hurriedly punch , 69, irritation, cum, piss, and a little chemistry ; it’s each and all there in all alone of the hottest handball big event movies ever filmed. This is a little raw s., dude well to dude, and definitely absolutely wrong in behalf of the weak-willed at a little a high rate of heart!

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