Public Meat

Production year: 2016
Country: USA
Director: Paul Morris, Liam Cole
Genre: Daddies, Hairy Men, Bears, Mature, Black, Interracial, Big Dicks, Oral, Anal, Bareback, Group Sex, Orgy, Gang Bang, Cumshots
Duration: 2:02:48; 00:19:53
Starring: Kai Davis, Gabriel Fisk, Lincoln Gates, Bruce Jordan, Don Kristian, Harry Lee, Antonio Miracle, DoubleM, Max Lohrenz, Freddy Miller, Sam Porter, Wolf Rayet, Adam Russo, Champ Robinson, Sebastian Slater, Alexx Stier, Toffic, Vlad, Alexx Desley, CutlerX, Jordan Blake, Josh Dors, Red Hanke, Luke Hawk, Rafal Kramer, Lachlan Myers, Marco Perrelli, Nathan Rae, Hunter St’James

Description: An all-out fuckfest shot in London’s dungeons, bars, saunas and bathrooms. Paul Morris gives you Liam Cole’s Public Meat on a fucking silver platter. Our most anticipated underground experience of the year. Men have been begging to see it and now, here it is: the video that took TIM’s Liam Cole down and got him locked up. He wanted it to be the second volume of his “Slammed” trilogy. But the men, the material, the sex, the desire, the drugs were more than even Liam could master.

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