Ransom and Taylor RAW

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Genre: Bareback, anal, oral, muscle
Length: 00:23:22
Description: There is no getting around it. Taylor is an awesome Top. He’s aggressive, takes delight in watching his thick cock split someone in two, and eager to fill someone’s hole with his load. But he wants to be a team player and also wants to mix things up a bit. He takes the initiative, not wanting to be a One Note Player.

He did bottom for Nash, but he really struggled to find any pleasure in bottoming. We both thought it was time for him to be properly fucked, and Ransom had the perfect dick to do it. But I wanted to play off of the video that Taylor did with Bastian. Taylor tied him up and had his way with him, but this time we would reverse the roles. Ransom loosely binds Taylor’s hands and then face fucks him. We even get some POV Cam in there. Very hot to see him bound up and force fed a cock. Then my next goal was to get a butt plug up him and have it stay in him a good long while so his asshole would be nice and loosened up for the fucking. Of course Ransom makes him suck his dick some more while Taylor keeps his butt plugged ass in the air. Finally Ransom takes it out, and eases his cock in … and no shrieks of pain from Taylor this time! In fact, it got him hard!

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