Richard and Nolan

Genre: Anal, Oral, Bareback, Muscle

Richard just keeps getting hotter and hotter!
When he and Nolan got together, there were muscles everywhere, but there was no sense of “I am bigger than you are”. There was actually a mutual admiration for each other. It’s kind of like when it’s okay for a guy to check you out at the gym if he is “admiring” the way you are working out. Fantasizing would be more like it to me. And hotter. There was no part of Richard’s body that Nolan did not like. He intently stared at Richard as he took his shirt off and just pointed in awe, “That’s a body!” They got along great, comparing biceps, chests, butts — one hairier than the other but both perfectly shaped.
‘What’s your favorite part of his body?” I asked Nolan while signaling to Richard. He paused… trying to single out one thing but it was obvious he couldn’t. “I like everything! That’s what I want to be like!”
I’ve noticed that Nolan tends to be very romantic when fucking. This was Richard’s first time getting fucked and Nolan made it seem like they were together, exploring sex in a new passionate way. That is not to say that Richard took a big fat dick in his ass lightly, but he took it and did so very well — moaning for more and getting more vocal as the fucking went on. You could tell that changing positions gave him a new sensation every time. Nolan was clearly enjoying being the first to give Richard this experience, smiling and kissing on Richard as he fucked him!

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