Seed Suckers

Production year: 2012
Country: United States
Directed by: Viper
Studio: Factory Video Productions, PumpHouse Media
Genre: Blowjob, Cumshot, Piercing, Amateur, Facial, Oral Sex
Duration: 1:58:33
Starring: Aaron Burner, Aaron Finley, Austin Grecko, Brandon Riggs, Chad McCarthy, Clark Dendon, Danny McCoy, Derreck Lynch, Dick Johnson, Johnny Hunger, Josh Bentley, Josh Myers, Rene Lakes, Skylar Grey, Talon Dragotta

Description: The debate over whether or not a blowjob is, in fact, sex has been raging for the last few decades. When former president Bill Clinton uttered that famous line, “I did not have sexual with that woman, Miss Lewinksy,” he inadvertently sparked a national dialogue that is, in many ways, responsible for an entire generation now equating oral sex with the likes of getting to first or second base or even to a French kiss. But while everyone has been wasting oxygen arguing over the difference between having a dick in your ass and having one in your mouth, they’ve been ignoring a very crucial (and very tasty) part: the cum eating! Lucky for all the queer cumpigs of the world (I include myself in this esteemed category), PumpHouse Media is continuing its long-standing tradition of all-oral films with Seed Suckers – a fifteen-man, twenty two-load orgy of sperm eating . The first scene opens in what appears to be a basement dungeon or other similar-natured room (possibly the back of a seedy nightclub?). We’ve got three guys here – one on his knees wearing nothing but a dog collar and attached leash, the other two standing shirtless on either side of him. GQ models they are not, but the storyline here is about cocks and cum, not winter fashion must-haves. They all shoot their loads into a metal bowl which I’m fairly sure is a dog’s water dish belonging to the leashed boy. He eventually crawls away with it in his mouth, but only after gulping down its entire contents and licking it clean. Scene two features six guys feeding their fresh-out-of-the-sack loads into a seventh’s eager gullet, and scene three shows five guys cumming on a glass table, licking it all up, and snowballing whoever might be standing close by. Scene four brings yet another five guys, and like the rest, they’re nothing to write home about. The whole shtick is getting so redundant at this point that you’ll probably hit “eject” before you’re ready to hit your “ejac” button again. Seed Suckers is for cum-lovers only. None of the actors are overwhelmingly good-looking or spectacularly built for the muscle-worshippers out there, and none of the dicks are beautiful monstrosities that the size queens might demand. All you’ve got is a few guys who appear to love the taste of semen, no matter its source, and an assortment of semi-soft bodies and semi-soft cocks (unfortunately, the hard-ons seem to come and go). I wanted it to be better – god knows I love a few good loads myself – but in the end, the only phrase springing to mind is mediocrity at its seediest.

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