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Hard Graft

Production year: 2012
Country: United Kingdom
Directed by: Jack Jones
Studio: AlphaMales
Genre: Anal Sex, Blowjob, Cumshots, Flip-Flop, Muscles, Masturbation, Mature, Rimming, Solo, Tattoos
Duration: 01:43:00
Cast: Issac Jones, Dominic Pacifico, Duke Michaels, Dean Mathews, Nathan Price, Dolan Wolf, Marco Sessions, Ashley Ryder, Trojan Rock, Carlos Cox
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Fist My Gaping Hole

Production year: 2011
Country: US
Studio: Fisting Central, Raging Stallion
Director: Tony DiMarco
Genre: Fisting, Extreme Penetrations, Interracial, Black, Fetish, Jockstrap
Length: 1:16:15
Cast: Race Cooper, Caedon Chase, Ashley Ryder, Michael Brandon
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9 Inches to Enter

Production year: 2013
Country: Great Britain
Studio: Eurocreme
Genre: Compilation, Twinks, Oral / Anal Sex, Big Dick, Masturbation, Uncut, Safe Sex, International, Huge Cock, Cumshots, Threesome, Facial, Tattoos, European
Duration: 1:29:55
Starring: Matt Hughes, Johannes Winter, Billy Rogers, Steven Prior, Titch Jones, Rick Hunter, Ashley Ryder, Alex Stevens, Nick Daniels, Seth Roberts, Damien Esco
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Builder Boy Orgy

Production year: 2014
Country: UK
Studio: BulldogPit
Genre: Orgy, Muscle, Twink, Uncut, Anal / Oral, Group
Duration: 00:20:12
Starring: Adam Tremadoc, Ashley Ryder, George Basten, Jon Elliot, Mason Wyler, Titch Jones
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Stretch That Hole

Production year: 2011
Country: United Kingdom
Studio: Eurocreme
Genre: Compilations, Oral / Anal sex, Huge dick, Rimming, Twinks, Extreme Anal, Toys, Dildo
Duration: 1:42:29
Starring: Matt Hughes, Ashley Ryder, Ryan Morgan, Kaden Bailey, Jamie Summers, Darian Hawke, Danny Cunningham, Connor Axon, Alistair Hill
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Lost Innocence 3

Production year: 2006
Country: United Kingdom
Directed by: Maxwell Barber
Studio: Bulldog Red
Genre: Huge Dildos, Macho, Studs, Hairy, Abuse, Anal, Oral, Gang Bang, Leather, Muscles, Big Cocks
Duration: 1:02:02
Starring: Ashley Ryder, Mukhtar Safarov, Mike Power, Duke, Elixir, Chris Barton, Jake, Lewis Quintini, Joy Bringer, Spencer, Darren Robins, Rick Hunter, James Buck
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Bulldog Brutal

Year: 2007
Directed by: Maxwell Barber
Studio: Eurocreme, Bulldog Red
Genre: Cum Eating, Dildos, Toys, Facial Cumshots, Fisting, Oral Sex, Rimming, Uncut Cocks, Water Sports
Length: 166 min
Cast: Lewis Quintini, Eustus Hunt, Ashley Ryder, Leonardo, Jensen Lomax, Malco, Drake, Dan Vega, Ben Taylor, Matthieu Paris, Lisandro
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Ashley Ryders Ultimate Anal

Year: 2009
Country: Great Britain
Directed by: Maxwell Barber
Studio: Bulldog XXX, Eurocreme Collection
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Dildo, Rimming, Cumshot, Bick Dick, Facial, Anal Toy’s, Huge Dildo
Duration: 1:45:04
Starring: Ashley Ryder, Steven Prior, Dan Vega, Lee Jaguar, Lisandro
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The London Massive 2 More Meat

Year: 2011
Country: Great Britain
Directed by: Jonno
Studio: UK Naked Men
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Twinks (Young Meat), Uniforms: Suits, Cock Sizes: Horsehung, Uncut Cocks, Rimming, Tattoos, Threesomes
Duration: 1:40:04
Starring: Drew Brody, Harry Louis, Andro DeLuca, Ashley Ryder, David Walls, Justin Harris, Korben David, Ram Itin, Stefan Stewart, Viktor
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Forced Fuckers

Year: 2011
Country: Czech Republic
Directed by: Vlado Iresch
Studio: Staxus
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Bareback, Compilation, Twinks, Big Dicks, Rimming, Group Sex
Duration: 3:12:17
Starring: Kevin Gould, John Magiaty, Zack Hood, John Paul, Martin Corvin, Jeoshua Black, Eamon August, Neil Cross, Timothy Nixon, Blake Reed, Will Coburn, Cole Macey, Chris Reed, Ashley Rahit, Dave Martin, Ashley Ryder , Adam Hall, Joe Parkes, Blake Reed, Ennio Guardi, Sam Sorthy, Damian Dickey, Jerry Brand
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