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Hooking Up Cole Parker and Rod Daily

Year: 2011
Country: UK
Studio: Man Handled
Genre: Oral sex, Anal sex, Rough sex, Cumshots, Facials, Safe sex, Muscle
Duration: 00:20:27
Description: Cole kept trying to remember how much he’d had to drink that night. He doesn’t usually do this sort of thing. Wind up in a stranger’s apartment, sucking face with a guy he’d only met a couple of hours before.
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Date: 2011
Country: United States
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, First time, Foot fetish, Rimming, Fingering, Blow Job, Muscules, Cumshots
Duration: 00:25:06
Description: Skip was nervous but excited for his first time with another guy. He surprised us all when he said he’d watched some of Cain’s scenes and was hoping he would get paired up with muscled Cain.
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Back In Africa Part 1

Year: 2011
Country: Czech Republic
Directed by: Luke Hamill
Studio: Bel Ami
Genre: Bareback, Oral / Anal Sex, Freshmen, Uncut Cocks, Rimming, Muscle
Duration: 1:37:05
Starring: Luke Hamill, Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta, Jean-Daniel Chagall, Phillipe Gaudin, Ariel Vanean, Julien Hussye, Dario Dolce
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Karl and Liev

Year: 2011
Country: USA
Studio: SeanCody
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Freshmen, Muscle Men, Rimming, Tattoos
Duration: 00:26:01
Description: To say that Karl was excited about getting fucked by Liev would be a major understatement! The instant he saw Liev the smile on his face was there for good. He was a fan. “On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you?” “10 and a half,” Karl replied.
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Boarding School Hero

Production year: 1974
Country: United States
Studio: Trirod Productions, Le Salon Video, Hangin ‘Tree Ranch, Ari Productions
Genre: Shot on film, Anal, Oral, Solo, Uniforms, Military, Threesome, Orgy Scene, Twinks, Vintage
Length: 00:59:45
Starring: Barry, Brad, Bruce, Gordon, Jeff Colt, John, Lenny, Mac, Peter, Ray, Rick, Ruben, Skip
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Bag Of Tricks

Year: 2011
Country: USA
Studio: FraternityX
Genre: Gay, Anal, Twinks, Orgy, Dildo, Oral, Jerk Off, Group Porn
Duration: 46:37
Description: Watching a cock-hungry bottom swallow a nine-inch dick is a beautiful thing. I’m Dayton and I had a hot time plowing this bearded dude, Sebastian, in the dorm.
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Year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Solo, Masturbation
Length: 00:12:07
Description: New freshman Skip told me he was an avid tennis player. He wanted to get out on the court, and Ripley was more than happy to go out and knock some balls around with him. They both worked up quite a sweat in the hot afternoon sun.
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Dimension Collection 3: Out of Control

Production year: 1982
Country: United States
Director: Matt Sterling
Studio: Brentwood, Falcon
Genre: Compilation, Anal, Oral, Vintage, Bareback
Length: 1:01:51
Starring: Bert Edwards, Bob (dim), Chris (dim), Davey (falcon), Dean (Chasson), Don (bw), Keith (bw), Rick (bw), Skip (bw), Steve Collins
Description: Matt Sterling’s Early Classics 3: Bert Edwards and Davey, plus young Rick, Steve and Don.
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Magic Circle

Production year: 2002
Country: Germany
Directed by: Andreas Fokt
Studio: Foerster Media
Genre: Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Twinks
Length: 1:27:45
Starring: Peter Smits, Walt skippa, Markus Harrer, Reiko Mullr, Maik Loffert, Jan Reichelt, Rainer Nowak, Charly Kamil, Michael Zeller, Mario Kassan, Jarek Dropp, Rainer Bardu, Tomas Levy
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Magic Spirits

Production year: 2002
Country: Deutschland
Directed by: Andreas
Studio: The French Connection, Blue Star
Genre: oral / anal sex, outdoor, Twinks, Teens
Length: 1:26:47
Cast: Charly Kamil, Jan Reichelt, Jarek Dropp, Maik Ltsffert, Mario Kassan, Markus Harrer, Michael Zeller, Peter Smits, Rainer Bardu, Rainer Nowak, Reiko Muller, Thomas Levy, Walt Skippa
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Aaron Rivers and Jimmy Coxxx

Genre: Anal, Oral, Muscle
College exams can be very stressful so it’s always a good to have a study partner, especially if the subject is Gay Sex 101. Aaron Rivers, the studly ex-football player, accepts Jimmy Coxxx’s offer to give him some pointers about man-on-man sex. Aaron whips out his cock and Jimmy proceeds to give him a nice wet blow job.
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Sports Medicine (Top Shelf)

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