Thrill Ride Dirk Caber and Dario Beck flip-fuck

Production year: 2020
Country: USA
Studio: TitanMen
Genre: Remastered, Oral/Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Flip Flop, Muscle, Daddy, Hairy, Rimming, Cumshots, Outdoor
Duration: 01:03:54
Description: Hunky Dirk Caber picks up beach-bound Dario Beck by the road. But when the stranger starts to slumber, Dirk pulls over by the woods for a grope. The two are soon kissing outside by the truck, the passion rising as their beards and bulges grind.

Dirk takes out Dario’s thick, uncut slab, sucking it like a champ in an intense sequence. Dirk whips out his own boner, teasing it as he looks up at Dario. The sucker works out two big strands of his own pre-cum, licking it off his hand. Dario drops down, getting Dirk’s meat to glisten with spit. The grunting Dirk runs his fingers through Dario’s lush hair as he gets sucked—hot spit strands building up and sliding down his bushy shaft and sac. They jack out their loads—including a great show of restraint by Dario, who takes away his hand mid-squirt as cum continues to flow. Against the truck, Dirk gets his ass tongued before grinding it on Dario’s juicy slab in anticipation. Dirk gets fucked, his stiff dick bouncing frantically. Then with the camera looking up, the bottom slides his finger into his hole, feeling the top’s shaft plow him before stroking his own cock—which soon leaks more shining pre-cum strands. On his back, the still-smiling Dirk shows off his boner as he gets fucked—letting out more groans as Dario plows him faster, the picnic table creaking with each thrust. The two switch positions as Dirk takes charge, fucking Dario slow and steady before picking up the pace. Coated in sweat, Dirk’s wet body hair clings to his chest and stomach. Dario’s dick stays stiff, the bottom rubbing Dirk’s chest as the top varies his tempo. Dario strokes as he gets fucked, coming again as he rubs Dirk’s hairy forearm. The top then fires off a gusher, coating Dario’s cock and bod as the cum flies into the air, the perfect exclamation mark to their intense outing.

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