Todd Hammer and Nick Vargas

Production year: 2017
Country: UK
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Cumshot, Muscle, Tattoos, Deep Throat
Duration: 00:18:14
Description: Two sexy, clean-cut young studs and two deliciously, lickable foreskins, lucky, plucky, Nick Vargas gulped as he saw Todd Hammer getting ready for the scene, were his eyes bigger than his belly?

Nick laid back as sexy, overly hung Todd gently took control and settled Nick’s nerves by sucking his aching, uncircumcised dick to full, hot throbbing attention. Nick’s so turned on at this donkey dicked hunk – who he is his gonna be stretching his tight little blossoming bud of a bum hole, into a sopping, pulsating ruin! Todd’s big, thick member, there’s a good pound of pork there and none of its going to waste. The guys are revved up and ready in minutes. And at last the moment has arrived, Nick nervously bends over – but, Todd’s a and he’s got to know that gusto Grip that rigid rod until Todd slowly pulls back and thrusts a little deeper, and again, every time deeper, until he’s squashing his cum-loaded bollocks against Nick’s ars cheeks with every hot inch of that monster cock, like a merciless piston!

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