Train Me

Production year: 2016
Country: USA
Genre: Bareback, Muscle, Tattoos, Group Sex, Oral, Anal, Cumshots, Hunks, Rimming, Cumshots
Duration: 1:00:35
Starring: Brendan Phillips, Evan Marco, Griffin Barrows, Jeremy Spreadums, John Delta, Shawn Reeve

Description: Jeremy Spreadums has a hot new personal trainer (Shawn Reeve) at the gym who strives to push him further. Jeremy however, is a bit distracted by Shawns huge bulge and flirty hands. When the tension between them gets to be too much during their workout, the guys give in to their desires and Jeremy goes down on Shawns big dick. Before long, Shawn is sliding his big dick raw inside Jeremys big round ass and pummels it until theres jizz all over them. Personal Trainer Shawn Reeve has a new client (Griffin Barrows) who seems eager to do more than just a regular workout. Shawn sees this eagerness as an opportunity to bust the perfect nut so he gets undressed and shoves his big dick down Griffins perfect lips and face-fucks him. Shawn then takes a ride on Griffins face right before ripping his shorts off and shoving his dick bareback in Griffins hot ass. The two then proceed to fucking in every corner of the gym before blowing their hot loads on each other. Brendan Phillips heard about the hot new personal trainer Shawn Reeve and definitely wants some of that gym action. He meets him for a session and what starts off as a slow warm-up, quickly turns into Shawn giving Brendan a hot rimjob, and Brendan deep-throating Shawns huge cock. Personal trainer Shawn Reeve is hot water with his boss (Evan Marco) for offering his workouts without him. As payback, he gives Shawns clients (John Delta, Jeremy Spreadums, and Griffin Barrows) a chance to ravage his asshole the same way he did theirs. As this boot camp swiftly turns into a bareback orgy, the guys use their massive cocks to properly fuck his pretty face and eager ass, then each other.

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