Trojan’s Toolbox Spycam

Year: 2011
Country: Great Britain
Directed by: Maxwell Barber
Studio: Alphamale Media
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Muscle, Hairy, Tattoos, Rimming, Hunks
Duration: 1:13:09
Starring: Ben Brown, Carlo Cox, Giovanne Cruz, Harley Everett, Justin King, Randy Jones, Roman Wright, Trojan Rock, Yohan

Description: Trojan’s handyman business is going strong, but the men of his Toolbox seem to be slacking off now and again. With some curious things in the bin, Trojan Rock fixes the place up with some discreet cameras, eager not to miss out on the fun in Trojan’s Spycam. Join Trojan as he catches his men out as they strip themselves down, showing off hot hairy chests, delicious hairy butts and juicy dicks throbbing for a fucking whenever and wherever the mood takes these randy workers. Superstar Carlo Cox takes his first dick – not to mention it’s attached to huge hairy black dude Roman Wright. Trojan has set up secret cameras in an empty office to see why his “toolmen” actually get up to when they are supposed to be working. He tells super hairy muscle guy Carlo Cox to stay there for two hours for a delivery. Immediately Carlo (aka Pliers) and newcomer, the massive hairy hung muscle man, Roman Wright know how to fill the time. These super hairy, super muscled and super hung stars soon get naked, kissing deeply and passionately before sucking, rimming deep and flip flopping to abandon. The chemistry between these two super star studs is electric, as they lube each other up with tongues and spit, eating each other out, before taking each other’s mammoths cocks up each other’s’ hairy holes. Ben Brown (aka Spanner) is in for a rough ride as bodybuilder Randy Jones gets naked with him. Hairy young cub Spanner (Ben Brown) can’t seemingly get enough of sucking super muscled Randy’s enormous cock. That is until Randy flips him over and fucks the hell out of him. Ben pants and groans as the very vocal Randy calls Ben “his bitch”, “his Boy” and “Just his”. Both guys can’t hold back too long and Randy cums all over Ben’s beard before Ben shoots his own load, over his hairy belly. Trojan’s voyeuristic tales continue, when tattooed muscle hunk Harley Everett and hairy muscle man Justin king are left to work alone. New to Trojan’s Toolmen company, they have no they are being watched. Man mountain Harley takes hairy muscle Justin King in more ways than one. Choking on Harley’s massive cock, Justin then takes the full eight inches from behind. Noisily, these guys show their pleasure as Harley fucks Justin from many angles. Near exhaustion from the massive amount of fucking and arse play, they sit tightly opposite each other and show each other just how much cum they can shoot. Gio Cruz (aka Driller) has the job of helping to clear an office, ready for a move. Yohan, the cute bearded office manager is telling him what to do when Driller spies a bag of swimwear. Cheekily, he asks Yohan if he can try them on. It’s not long before the beefy muscle studs are trying on the costumes, and not long before Gio (Driller) is sporting a hard on in his trunks. The guys both get sweaty as they look at each other’s growing bulges, and begin a suck and fuck fest. Gio pulls hairy bearded Yohan’s trunks off, and hungrily eats his arse out before living up to his nick-name and “Drilling” Yohan to an excited spurting of spunk.

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