Up All Night

Production year: 2005
Country: US
Studio : Falcon Studios
Director: Jim Steel
Genre: Anal, Oral, Muscle, Bareback, Dildo
Cast: Ethan Kage, Dean Monroe, Derrick Vinyard, Jed Willcox, Kyle Lewis, Matthew Rush, Maxx Diesel, Nino Bacci, Trevor Knight, Tyler Hill

As the title implies, Up All Night will most certainly keep you from sleeping. It’s a handsomely-made and very erotic number from the fine folks at Falcon, and with guys like Ethan Kage and Matthew Rush filling your TV screen, what’s not to love about staying up all night?
Opening the film with a private show is cute Dean Monroe, in front of his webcam in just a jockstrap. Spread out in front of him is an assortment of very large dildos which he uses to fuck himself; each dildo gets bigger and bigger and Monroe’s brown pucker opens wider and wider. Watching the action through his computer monitor and getting extremely horny is huge muscle hunk Ethan Kage, who makes the smart choice of putting his laptop away and giving attention to Tyler Hill and his bulging biceps. The two studmuffins go at it like wild animals, sucking hard face and grinding pelvis like jackhammers. Eventually Hill gets his willing hole fucked by the beastly Kage. The scene is made all the more intense thanks to some excellent close-up shots of aggressive butt play and lube-leaking butt-fucking. While the next scene is not the best in the movie, it is nonetheless a hot piece of cinema thanks in large parts to Maxx Diesel and his lickable shaven dome. The guy has a threesome with birthday boy Derrick Vinyard and his companion Trevor Knight, a threesome that includes boyish-looking Vinyard and jockish Knight taking turns probing each juicy end of Diesel’s drool-inducing body. The fun ends with splashes of spunk sliding down Diesel’s chiseled face. Nino Bacci and Jed Willcox share the next and, for me, best scene in the film. It’s the kind of man-on-man action that makes you tingle all over with hormonal rage. Bacci and exceptionally handsome Willcox (and his perfect cock, balls and ass combo) start off with a manly 69 in which Bacci takes turns sucking on Willcox’s prick and tongueing his dark, tight butthole. The action moves on with Bacci fucking Willcox doggie style on a staircase, the two switching positions with an eye-popping frame of Bacci squeezing his swollen, red cock as Willcox plows his peach fuzz-covered ass. Falcon lifetime exclusive model Matthew Rush – and his massive bubble butt – joins the cast, along with Kyle Lewis (in a supporting role to Rush’s amazing presence), both whom walk in on Monroe, still in front of his webcam. Monroe gobbles on Rush’s big fuckstick while Lewis plugs Monroe’s hole with a black butt plug, loosening him up for when both Rush and Lewis fuck him like there’s no tomorrow.

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