YOUNG OFFENDERS Abraham Kohn and Luky Kolac RAW

Production year: 2021
Country: Czech Republic
Studio: WilliamHiggins, Str8Hell
Genre: Blow Job, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Uniform, Bareback, Masturbation, Big Dicks, Uncut, Tattoos
Duration: 00:16:50
Description: Luky Kolac is in charge of in-store security today. He roughly brings sexy Abraham Kohn into the store room. It seems that Abraham is refusing to wear a mask, which is against the current regulations.

Luky says that refusal to wear a mask will result in a call to the police, and to a large fine. With Abraham imploring him not to involve the police Luky has another idea. That involves Abraham being made to feel Luky’s bulging pants. Then Luky pulls his cock out of the pants and insists that Abraham suck it to avoid the police involvement. Soon Luky’s dick is growing big and hard as Abraham sucks and wanks it. Luky holds Abraham’s head and fucks the big cock into his mouth. That big, fat, cock is so hard as Abraham’s hot mouth work on it. Abraham wanks the cock and licks the balls too. Then Luky gets him fully naked, grabbing his cock and wanking it too. Abraham keeps sucking on Luky’s dick as his own is groped. Then he is made to bend over, with his hands behind his back as his pert little ass gets a few spanks. Then Luky’s massive cock is shoved hard into that tight ass. Luky fucks deep and hard into Abraham’s ass, spanking it some too. The big cock goes balls deep in that hole as Luky continues to fuck as hard as he can. Abraham takes it so well and his hole is pounded relentlessly. Luky grabs Abraham’s hips as he pounds the tight hole. He pulls his cock out and then shoves it deep inside again to continue his fucking. Then Abraham is put onto his back, legs up, and. that big dick fucks back into hia ass. Luky continues to fuck Abraham’s ass as deep as he can, moving to a spoon position too. The fat cock works the tight hole hard as Abraham begins to wank himself too. He continues to wank as the big cock rams deep in his ass. Then Abraham’s cock releases some cum. That is quickly followed by Luky moving up to shoot a massive load all over Abraham’s face and his chest. Abraham feels the hot cum on his face and is then make to lick th end of the sticky cock too.

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