YOUNG OFFENDERS Michal Stranik and Peto Mohac RAW

Production year: 2021
Country: Czech Republic
Studio: WilliamHiggins, Str8Hell
Genre: Blow Job, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Uniform, Muscle, Bareback, Masturbation, Big Dicks, Uncut
Duration: 00:19:24
Description: Michal Stranik has been detained, suspected of stealing from the cash register. Peto Mohac is the security guard tasked with dealing with the offender. Michal denies the offence and Peto decides he must search for the money.

He makes Michal stand and tells him to undress, or the police will be called. Michal does as he is told, exposing himself fully. His cock and balls are on show and then he is turned around so his ass is exposed too. Peto tells him to sit down. Then Michal is made to open his bag and show what is inside. Soon it becomes clear that he is guilty of the offence. He doesn’t want to go to jail and claims he will do anything demanded of him. Peto tell him to stand up and get his cock hard. Soon, by wanking, Michal’s cock is rock hard and Peto has a feel of it. He rubs his hands over Michal’s slim body too. Then he sits Michal down again and says that he must wank his captor. Peto takes down his pants and Michal starts to wank on the cock. He is told to suck it too and, after the threat of jail, closes his mouth over the stiff cock. Michal sucks on the cock as Peto fucks it into his mouth. Peto’s cock is rock hard as he pulls Michal’s head onto it. He fucks the mouth hard. Michal’s lips are closed tight around the cock as he sucks it. He has to lick the big balls too. Then Michal is turned over to kneel on the chair. The presents his hot ass and he soon feels a finger pushing into the tight hole. Peto fingers the hole hard, going nice and deep. With his cock so hard Peto soon shoves it hard into Michal’s hole and starts to fuck him. He pounds the tight hole hard, gripping Michal’s hips for leverage. Petos’ throbbing cock stretches the hole wide as it fucks so hard into that tiny hole. After a while Michal is turned over, onto his back, and fucked more. He wanks himself too as he takes the big cock in his ass. Peto’s hips thrust hard as he rams his dick so hard into the hole. Wanking himself hard Peto soon shoots his load as he takes the dick in his ass. Peto is ready to cum and he positions himself to unload all his cream over Michal’s face and in his mouth. Michal’s mouth is open wide and catches most of the cum as some also splashes onto his face. Then he has to suck on the spent cock too to clean it off.

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