YOUNG OFFENDERS Mykyta Belikov and Tomas Dolnak RAW

Tomas Dolnak has a young offender at his mercy. That is Mykyta Belikov who, it seems, was caught on camera with stolen items. Tomas insists on searching Mykyta, frisking him. He checks Mykyta’s shoes too and continues frisking as he explains he must call the police. He tells Mykyta to take off his shirt. Then the jeans are removed too, despite protests. Tomas pats down the underwear before insisting that it is removed.

That leave Mykyta naked and exposed. Tomas checks the cock and balls and then has Mykyta bend over so he can check his ass. Mykyta wants to avoid the police and begs, insisting he will do anything. Tomas relents suggesting that Mykyta can suck him. Despite protestations Mykyta obliges and soon is eagerly working his face onto Tomas’ dick. He sucks and licks at the balls too. Tomas fucks his cock into Mykyta’s hungry mouth. His work gets Tomas’ cock rock hard but Tomas wants more. He had Mykyta kneel on the chair to present his ass. Then Tomas’ cock is pushed deep into the tight hole. Tomas starts to fuck hard into that hoe ass hole, giving the ass a few spanks too. He fucks hard and fast, going balls deep into the hot hole. Mykyta takes that dick so well as it pounds his ass hard. Then he lays on his back to get more. Tomas eagerly bangs hard into that tight hole. Mykyta cant resist and grabs his cock and wanks it as Tomas fucks him so well. That wanking soon has Mykyta’s cum flying out of his cock as Tomas pummels his hot ass hole. Tomas then pulls out and straddles Mykyta’s chest to cum over his face and chest. Mykyta then sucks on the spent cock to clean it off.

Production year: 2023
Country: Czech Republic
Studio: WilliamHiggins, Str8Hell
Genre: Blow Job, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Uniform, Bareback, Masturbation, Big Dicks, Uncut
Duration: 00:18:29

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