Young Warriors: Taking One For the Team

Production year: 2010
Country: USA
Directed by: Gio Caruso
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios / Twinks
Genre: Oral Sex, Anal sex, Threeway, Wrestling, Rimming, Fingering, Freshmen, Hairy Gay Porn
Duration: 1:58:49
Cast: Chad Davis, Micah Andrews, Ryan Middleton, Tucker Vaughn, Zach Alexander

Young studs play for keeps in this erotic throw-down about a wresting team called the Warriors. Stripped out of their singlets, their young sweaty bodies pinned hard to the mat… Horny boys learn fast what it means to Taking One For the Team! Finishing up their practice in the wrestling ring, cute little Micah Andrews is pinned to the floor and is at the mercy of hairy Zach Alexander who has wanted Micah’s ass for a while now. Zach has his way as they suck, rim and fuck against the ropes using the ring to their full advantage. Mid-grapple they are interrupted by their lean muscled teammate Chad Davis. He’s shocked to find his teammates pulling a few plays “outside the rulebook” but no horny boy could resist getting in on the action. He pulls out his lengthy cock and joins his teammates. Zach punishes a load out of Micah as Chad watches. Micah heads for the shower leaving Chad and Zach to continue. As Micah soaps his smooth body Chad takes his chance to top Zach. Micah returns in his towel just in time for the super soaker cum splashing finale.
Tucker Vaughn is getting his muscular body into peak condition when Zach Alexander tells him about the crazy hot practice yesterday. Zach has come crazy fantasy that if the team were to all fuck around together that they’d perform better at the next match. Naturally Tucker is next on Zach’s list. Zach takes out his meaty uncut cock and Tucker is quickly convinced. Who could resist a cock like Zach’s? Then Zach pulls Tucker’s hard thick cock out of his white jockstrap to slurp on. Tucker’s ass is Zach’s to feast upon in a super hot rimming scene. But his hunger is not yet satisfied until he fucks a thick creamy load out of Tucker. Zach then rewards Tuckers with a blast across his chest and stomach. What a massive load! Go team!
Call it team spirit but cocky Zach Alexander just can’t help but brag to his buddies Micah and Chad about what he did to Tucker. All of this talk of “team bonding” is very distracting, which leads Micah and Chad to introduce some new “exercises” to the routine. Micah pulls Chad’s meat out of his jock and starts sucking it with fervor. Chad decides to give Micah’s hole the real workout. He starts with a warm up of four fingers before introducing his big fat cock. Micah proves he can keep up with Chad pace through three ass slamming positions! If only every day’s workout ended like this – drenched in Young Warrior cum!
Grappler Ryan Middleton is just finishing up a practice match. In the Warriors locker room he grills teammate Tucker Vaughn about the rumors that the whole team is buggerin’ each other. Tucker wastes no time bringing him over to his team. A passionate kiss leads to cock swallowing… better to lick ’em and join ’em! Ryan bends twinky Tucker over and devours his tender bubble butt. Rimming leads to power fucking and the boys do it all over the sweaty locker room in three wild positions. After he fucks him crazy, Ryan begs Tucker to cum all over face. Both unload their jizz before hitting the showers together. Damn that milky lather!

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