Blond Muscle Stud

Genre: Blond, Anal, Muscle, Oral, Stud, Bondage, Fetish, BDSM, Extreme
Performers: Christian Wilde and Gavin Waters
Blindfolded, flogged, humiliated and fucked in a bar full of strangers
Gavin Waters is a virgin to BDSM and has a magnificent body. He’s blindfolded and marched into a seedy bar where the patrons take turns groping and humiliating him. Gavin has never been down this road before but he takes it like a trooper. You can tell he’s really getting off on it. Hard flogging, huge dildos and some electro-play keep him on his toes and push him to the brink. It all ends with a hard bondage fuck and a huge cum fest that leaves Gavin spent and quivering.

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