California Gold 2

Production year: 2005
Country: USA
Directed by: Richard Morgan
Studio: RAD Video / Junior Studio
Genre: outdoors, twinks, studs, young men, threesome, group sex, oral, rimming, anal
Duration: 1:32:31
Starring: Rusty Marshall, Aiden Houser, Dick James, Dutch Mallone, Justin Newport, Lee Walbash, Sereen, Shamim

Description: The golden hills of California provide a stunning backdrop for Lee Walbash and his new young buddies. In a sequel to a film which helped to launch Walbash as a star, California Gold 2 brings him back again for the eager fans who want to see more of him.
In Junior Studio’s California Gold 2, Lee Walbash is joined by seven of his young pals for a weekend retreat at his Uncle’s mountain cabin. It’s not only the surrounding trails and paths that get explored during their stay. Lee and his buddies also find time explore each other thoroughly with a kind of wonder and zeal found only between boys their age with nothing around them but the birds and the trees.

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