DennisXL screws Berlin-Bastard raw

Production year: 2021
Country: USA
Studio: OnlyFans
Genre: Bareback, Homemade, Anal Sex, Tattoos, Oral Sex, Rimming, Cumshots, Big Cocks, Masturbation
Duration: 00:28:41
Description: This skinny Berlin boy clearly loves sucking cock and getting fucked. Definitely getting vibe that he wnats Dennis to be his daddy. Dennis has a delicious dick for him to use at both ends.

You can see he’s tight, Dennis has to feed his upturned ass nice and slow, you can see the stretching needed to work it in. Berlin boy clearly likes draining a cock with his mouth, after slobbering over it after its been up him (no doubt, enjoying the taste of his own sweet hole in the process), you can see from his eyes that he needs that load in his mouth.

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