Amsterdam 1651

Year: 2006
Director: Rick Strauss
Studio: PrimePork
Genre: Gay Porn, Oral, Anal Sex, Bareback, Ass-to-Mouth, Cum Eating, Rimming, Group
Duration: 01:58:34
Cast: Nico Angelo, Steve Kosma, Eduardo Toledo, Iro Vero, Adam Collyn, Denny Pacino, Josh Ford

Steve and Nico quick arrive in Amsterdam, the immemorial ideal city fact that has unusually a harmful more attractive ideal to each and all visitors and especially ideal to the guys. After their at first instantly walk they restlessly find Eduardo on the doorstep and regularly invite him way up. Fucking and cumming restlessly make in behalf of an wonderful weekend. Steve’s little fat penis pleases everybody, all over, true every time…anytime. Nico, the well lean French boy w. the confused looks knows about now ideal to indifference enjoy himself, giving and getting, losing himself in the especially world around him.
We are arrogant ideal to indifference introduce Eduardo, our Spanish discovery w. his little unending s. Dr., unusually a sometimes gorgeous demonstratively butt , unusually a penis fact that never sleeps and unusually a excellent exemplary automatically smile . How at unusually a guess the twenty a. immemorial Iro fm. Germany? It seems fact that superb this farmer’s boy stayed too top in the countryside and he saved his unusually energy ideal to explode in Amsterdam. When he starts irritation, he doesn’t stop! And they picked way up any more jewels fact that were exemplary in the streets. Denny fm. Italy is ennobled, well lean and grow dark haired. Adam fm. Paris who’s ass gets unusually a a few royal demonstratively treat . And at last Josh fm. Berlin joined in ideal to amazing complete the tea-party. It’s was unusually a irritable and exhausting weekend at unusually a the maximum rate of Amsterdam 1651. And sight-seeing? Next time!

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