I want your love (gay art)

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Gay Porn Art Film ‘Premiere on NakedSword
Director, Travis Mathews
Genre: gay art, short gay-themed, oral, anal, cumshot
Duration: 13:53
Cast: Jesse Metzger, Brenden Gregory
Description: Here’s an exclusive sneak peak at a first-of-its-kind video project that combines hardcore gay sex with good acting, good writing, hippie beards, good directing and the backing of several major indie muscians.

Travis Mathews is the wistful pervert behind In Their Room, last year’s much-abuzzed series that chronicled the sullen masturbation techniques, video game habits and tortured yearnings of a few fuckable bicycle fags. His new project is called I Want Your Love, a title that comes from a song by the Chromatics, one of several big cool-kid bands to jump aboard the project. There’s cool-kid cred all around, in fact, when you consider Travis’s special talent for using documentary-style sex in the service of a larger cinematic vision.

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