Seed My Fuck Hole

Year: 2009
Country: USA
Director: Leo Greco
Studio: ThreshHold Media
Genre: oral, anal, bareback, amateur, threesome
Length: 1:38:13
Cast: Amir Hassad, Branden Scott, Brennan Huff, Ashton, Alex Rivera, Sean Ansen, Scout Hayden

Description: Dark, hot, devilish Amir Hassad opens this bareback fuck-for-all with a four-way with handsome, smooth Ashton, inked Brennan Huff and Branden Scott. Ashton, Huff and Braden take turns raw-ramming Amir’s back forty, blindfolding Hassad halfway through the ride. The three tops each splatter their load on Amir’s ass, then they jam their jizz inside with their dicks. Not nearly done or satisfied, Hassad ditches the first three guys in scene two and invites Latino Alex Rivera for more bareback, butt pumping action. Rivera rams Amir until both men hit a cum-gushing climax. Smooth dudes Sean Ansen and Scout hook up in scene three. After a long 1969 session, each gulping down the other’s long hard cock, Scout takes matters up his own ass and sits down on Ansen’s shaft. After raw-dogging Scout’s hungry hole, Ansen throws the good boy another bone by stuffing one end of a double headed dildo up his butt. Sean shoots his wad in Scout’s hole. Scout shoots on his own hand and shoves his own jizz up his ass.

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